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Social networking for gardeners is a great place for gardeners to hang out online. You can make friends with other like-minded gardeners, post status updates and chat about what you are up to in the garden. The site is based around an activity stream which brings you the latest information on what your friends are up to.

You can also upload photos of your garden and your plants to your photo gallery, and every account comes with a free blog so you can write about whatever interests you about gardening, or keep a journal about your garden. Signing up for these features is quick and free.

You can search for new plants for your garden using the plant finder. The plant finder ranks plants in over 200 categories and you can search for a plant which applies to your chosen categories. E.g. you can find plants with blue flowers which grow in shade on chalky soil, or annuals which are deer resistant, or ... you get the idea.


Copy websites to your hard disk

WebStripper ScreenshotWebStripper makes it easy to copy websites to your hard disk. You can then browse them offline without having to connect to the internet. Adding a site is as easy as clicking a couple of mouse buttons. If you want to be more specific you can tell WebStripper where to look for files and what types of file to download.

WebStripper uses a multithreaded downloading engine which downloads the pages as fast as your connection can squeeze them through. The downloaded sites are organised in categories so you can easily find what you've downloaded, then just double click on a site to view it in the built in browser.

In addition to being easy to use, WebStripper has many advanced features, including the ability to pause a download and resume it later, to schedule downloads to take place at a given time, to download sites at regular intervals (hourly, daily, weekly etc) and show a list of what is new or changed.

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Webcam Recorder

Record webcams to AVI files

Webcam Recorder screenshotWatching webcams is great entertainment but it can also be very frustrating. You spend ages waiting for something interesting to happen and then you blink and miss the good bits.

WebCam Recorder is a unique piece of software which can record virtually any webcam - including those which use plug-ins. It can also record from streaming media and webcam chat software.

Setting up a recording is easy. Just select a window and image within the window and off you go. Use the record and pause buttons to start and stop whenever you want. Your favourite webcam settings can be saved to disk ready for next time.

Videos are recording in standard AVI video files which can be played back in any video software, such as Windows Media Player and edited in most video editors.

Once you've made a recording you can watch it as often as you like. Freeze frame, reverse play and slow motion let you have fun while the built in editor means you can keep just the best bits of the action.

Start the built in video player by clicking the play button. It's here that you can replay your recordings as often as you like. The trick play features and keyboard shortcuts make it easy to get to the best bits of a recording. And you can watch each recording over and over again.

The player works just like a regular video recorder so you'll feel instantly at home. Fast forward and rewind get you quickly to the exact section you want. Slow motion and freeze frame let you home in on the best frames. Forward and reverse play add fun. Handy keyboard shortcuts make it easy to find your way around.

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